rotatable thrusters / rotatable launchers

manylegged asked for this feature 10 months ago — 18 comments

manylegged commented 10 months ago Admin

Abstrusle commented 10 months ago

Only if they use the "TURRET" tag instead of a new one.

| Arcyriea commented 10 months ago

Well the THRUSTER issue will still be a conflicting problem for drones, what I suggest is having the thruster turret disabled by default, until you code a prefix that weld it into the TURRET as one

| Draxiss314 commented 10 months ago

Although I do like the idea, the main issue I see is making the code to tell the game when to use rotating thrusters as reaction thruster or as propulsion thrusters.

Abstrusle commented 10 months ago

And aren't these things mostly aesthetic anyways, especially the rotatable launchers? This would also be difficult to implement, especially rotatable thrusters.

| wowie-sucks-at-life commented 10 months ago

if it were too difficult to implement, you think the dev himself would post it in the feature voting thread? plus, these aren't "mostly aesthetic", turreted launchers, once implemented, will bring much more versatility than what we already have.

Abstrusle commented 10 months ago

The dev said himself it wouldn't be the easiest thing to implement due to how thrusters work. I didn't say it couldn't be done.

| Lapapsnow commented 10 months ago

This will absolutely need a separate tag. ROTATOR I believe is a clear option.

The issue with reusing TURRET is that drones that have turreted guns will no longer work correctly; Eg. Terran drone: As the thruster would translate onto the turret which already has a cannon. Causing chaos. Arthur already went over this.

Abstrusle commented 10 months ago

But what if you have a thruster, missile, AND cannon/laser. Wouldn't you need like three+ separate tags?

Tankhusk commented 10 months ago

Not sure about the thrusters, but the missile turrets would be really good. Allows for turreted torps or rocket launchers. More variety the better.

Abstrusle commented 10 months ago

I just realized. If this is done, why couldn't there be a boolean in the launcher, thruster, cannon, and laser tags for the turret instead of a tag. That way, you'd get even more versatility. You can keep the old turret tag to prevent old mods from breaking. This way, you could get a cannon which doesn't rotate, while also getting a laser which does in the same block. Would probably be more easier on the mind to use a boolean for turrets instead of more tags.

Tankhusk commented 10 months ago

I dont think a tag is even needed for turreted missiles. Just add it in to the turret tag. And then just choose cannon or missile XD

Abstrusle commented 10 months ago

We've already discussed that we can't do that. Otherwise if we had one block which is a cannon and a laser and a missile, and put that tag on it, they'll all be turrets. What if we only want the cannon as a turret?

Tankhusk commented 9 months ago

You will end with some horrible abomination, like we already do XD

Tankhusk commented 9 months ago

Although adding all of those tags to one blocks seems stupid. Laser and cannon already make a block that should not be possible technically

| Randommnumbers commented 9 months ago

I have a proposal on How to implement this; one that will both solve all of these issues and open up more complexity for modding. And maybe create new issues, too; who knows.

Mayhaps a "turretBlock" similar to a Launcher's replicateBlock, in which the turretBlock can be defined in similar manners to replicateBlock, but with key differences. -The turretBlock is a block that can have an ID and sits on top of its "mount" block and can rotate around. The simplest method for rotation would be lining up the CoM of both blocks and having that as the axis for rotation. -Unlike replicateBlock, which is inactive when it forms, the turretBlock will be active or "connected to the ship" when it is fabricated by its mount and rotate to aim accordingly. -Now for why this is useful: cannons, lasers, launchers, and thruster tags may be added to the turretBlock. Many birb with one stone. -Control schemes for the turretBlock can exist as tags for the mount block or the turretBlock; for example, two different and mutually exclusive tags, one for weapons that point towards enemies and another that control of rotating thrusters. -As the turretBlock exists and a predefined block, it can use custom shapes when defining it. This will allow more customization with the turret shapes and whatnot that people would try to make cool stuff with. -Hopefully turretLimit can affect the rotation angle for these turrets, too??? -To reduce complexity, the player cannot attach blocks onto the turretBlocks as its ports will be disabled when mounted, similar to replicateBlocks. However, this point carries onto the next section.

Now for some stretching, or "What I think would be cool to have": -Being able to define blueprints for the turretBlock and having some neat turret pieces. This would allow for even more complex weapons and combinations. An example would be a more reliable tractor-laser railgun. However, this would imply a COMMAND tag which may cause issues. As the turretBlock may or may not have an ID, forcing an ID would cause it to spawn with its group palette in sandbox, therefore allowing clusters to be created and saved. I do hope that this can be a thing; some dynamic bits to ships would be quite nice, albeit even if the player can't edit it. -Being able to define AI aiming parameters to assist the AI in aiming such weapons. It's that thread about forcing range and muzzleVel onto the AI for it to use.

| Randommnumbers commented 7 months ago

If we get this, https://feathub.com/Akaito/reassembly-ai-mod-example/+6 and put the core of the Complex Clock as a turretBlock from the previous comment, with some AI aiming parameters, https://feathub.com/Akaito/reassembly-ai-mod-example/+56, then boom, we get blueprint turrets.

| Randommnumbers commented 7 months ago

Complex Block*

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