Telespawn using resources?

CalipsoTheNymph asked for this feature 8 months ago — 3 comments

CalipsoTheNymph commented 8 months ago

Just what it sounds like. Could telespawn use resources? For those who don't know, its currently a factory feature only used by The Flies and allows you to instantly spawn ships nearby. As long as you HOLD enough resources to spawn the ship, you can spawn as many of them as you like because it doesn't use up the resource. Should it have something like TELESPAWN_RESOURCE to have a separate thing and not mess with the Flies?

manylegged commented 7 months ago Admin

MARINEDEMONYesterday at 10:17 PM FREESPAWN; Allows Factories to create ships without using R. (Supposed to be a less powerful TELESPAWN)

manylegged commented 7 months ago Admin


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