thruster cosmetics

manylegged asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 5 comments

manylegged commented almost 2 years ago Admin

change particles or use laser beam graphics

Owlfeathers - Today at 2:04 PM One option might be to make thruster graphics similar to explosion triggers: give the option to choose between FLAME or LASER for thruster effects; current thruster cosmetic settings are available if FLAME is selected; range, width, decay, colour, and particles (on/off - like the effect when a laser has EXPLODE) are available if LASER is selected.

| Randommnumbers commented almost 2 years ago

Dumping my thoughts here:

It would also be nice to see an option for both. Darker color settings of thrusters of great thrusterForce creates quiet some intersting ring-like particles. These rings would complement laser cosmetics nicely.

On that note, parameter to control the particle size that overrides the thrusterForce would be useful for creating better configurable trails without changing mass and thrust balancing.

In addition, dynamic thruster trails that move away from the thruster in the direction of thrust would be something to see.

| tanghao290 commented almost 2 years ago

I have already built reliable push laser thruster ,

but always good to have new design choice . Upvote

| tanghao290 commented almost 2 years ago

Bytheway , Increase thruster exhaust speed is already available in shader.lua

| Tankhusk commented over 1 year ago

Seems simple, and would make people not have to use actual lasers for thrusters +1

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