control ship placement in tournament

manylegged asked for this feature 11 months ago — 2 comments

manylegged commented 11 months ago Admin

Arna57 - Today at 7:31 PM A way to import sandbox levels into tournaments or a way to organise a fleet for a tournament as i feel that the random placement version can work but id like to have more control over the placement

manylegged commented 10 months ago Admin

JoltYesterday at 6:55 PM (I'll add this to feathub). Would you consider adding a tournament fleet position export feature How this would be done: use a fleetpositionfield command or positionfield command (those where just examples), To have a square box show up with a marker in the middle. Then the player is able to put ships into the box, and adjust/setup how they want them to appear in-game, in the box, so they can be exported like that. (I'd like it if there was a way to specify the radius of the box), and when they where done they'd use a; positionfield export (fleetname and author), It'd export a .gz(maybe?) compressed file of it to your export place. - After that, you could go into tournament mode and import the file, it would show up like a regular fleet file but with perhaps a target in top corner of the imported ship/fleet image to show it's different than the rest

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