Auto-fire/Point Defense Rework

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Discussion on improving how Auto-fire/Point Defense firing groups work.

| DarkWinged commented 9 months ago

DWD - "Have PD prioritize firing at missiles but still attack ships if there aren't any missiles within (1.25 * PD_Range), and auto-fire would be the same just prioritize ships over missiles."

NSGCommando - "Well you could try it with some ai modding. Yes its possible with ai modding"

manylegged - "You could definitely write an ai mod that would just remove the AUTOFIRE flag and control the turrets directly. Fire control is fairly complex though. There is an existing parameter kAutofireSpreadWeight that you might be interested in playing with (increasing) - it penalizes PD targets that a lot of turrets are already shooting at, so that at least some turrets will be available to shoot at missiles. It would not be difficult to add another weight parameter in there to prioritize missiles but there are some other issues: do drones count as missiles? what about very small fighters? It would be good to have a discussion about various possibilities. Can you create a feathub entry with your proposed autofire changes?"

NSGCommando - "One of the changes i am currently considering putting in the feathub entry is a few different PD options. For example, let's say there is a "diversified" PD option, this sets the default kAutofireSpreadWeight of a particular cluster of blocks to lower levels than normal(normal being the current default value) so that in case of missile spamming in presence of a large ship, the PD focus more on the missiles that the ship. Another option could be "Focused" PD option, setting the kAutofireSpreadWeight to higher levels than normal so if the player wants to crate a ship that focuses more on bigger ships he can use this option. Basically it would allow a larger number of PD to focus on the same target. This could be added as one of three settings to the PD binding along with "diversified" and a "balanced" option, much like "fire all" or "ripple fire" in Left click or Right click bindings. And I really need to start organising my ideas. :D"

manylegged - "sounds like a good start! Implementing this would not be too difficult and that is a great UI analogy with ripple fire. I would make sure that changing the spread weight actually has a clearly noticeable effect."

Vanilla - "I just want pd to mainly target missiles. Drones, not so much Maybe we can do something with how much damage the pd turret has, and the missile/drone's health?"

NSGCommando - "Thank you manylegged for considering my suggestion."

Vanilla - "Say I want my sniper pd to focus on drones, while my flak pd focuses smaller drones first."

NSGCommando - "And yes we could use ai modding to associate the missile/drone's dps/health with PD Hmm, different actions for different turrets."

Vanilla - "sweet, if anyone has figured out how to do that yet xD"

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