thruster push opposite direction with negative force set & laser or cannon aim and fire in opposite direction with negative range set

tanghao290 asked for this feature 11 months ago — 2 comments

tanghao290 commented 11 months ago

thuster with negative force push left derection ; laser or cannon with negative range aim right direction ;

this may useful in block with cannon&thruster function and aim in same direction.

current , the negative set in force and range cause some error : thruster particle error , laser lost visibility and hitbox sometimes

manylegged commented 11 months ago Admin

2, https://feathub.com/Akaito/reassembly-ai-mod-example/+68 the issue can be fix by separate thruster and push laser in different block , it may marked as secondary suggestions .

"thrusterForce=-5000000,thrusterBoost=-1,thrusterBoostTime=4," negative thrusterforce cause thruster particle error https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/212907389370892290/473175232535068683/unknown.png

laser={damage=0,power=500,range=-400,width=20,color=0xffae00ff,linearForce=5000000,decay=2}, negative laser range only change the visual effect , did not change the laser direction , hit box and push direction is the same as normal laser https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/212907389370892290/473176066966552584/unknown.png(edited)

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