Multi-Core Campaign Support

CalipsoTheNymph asked for this feature 11 months ago — 3 comments

CalipsoTheNymph commented 11 months ago

I’m requesting a new variable type for cores to assist with multicore support. Command blocks will have the PRIORITY= field. Priority 0 will be the player’s core. Priority 0 behaves like the current campaign’s core, if that makes things easier. If it dies, you respawn. If the ship splits into 3 large chunks, then the priority=1 cores take over if the chunks are unattached to priority=0. Then when the large chunks split, the priority=2 cores take over. Etc

This was an idea that I hoped would make things easier for you and for modders. If it’d be difficult to implement, then whatever you can make work for multicore support would be nice. Thanks for your time

manylegged commented 10 months ago Admin

RandomnumbersLast Friday at 1:09 PM Alright, so with us being able to add PALETTE to command blocks and the glorious ONEUSE feature, we've been able to come up with the idea of ship budding. Essentially a second ship or something with a secondary command core attached to the main ship with a ONEUSE gun. The gun shoots and the secondary ship pops off and does its own thing. The secondary ship begins to regrow again and the cycle repeats; essentially custom drones that doesn't follow the player. That was the idea at least. It appears that there is some irregularity with ships when trying to construct more command blocks. I got it to build a couple times somehow, but mostly it does not, and the regrowth is stopped short. Can we make this a thing? c:

edit: By that I mean have multiple command cores regrow like normal blocks.

manylegged commented 7 months ago Admin

Princess Ayas Karlocceth11/02/2018 bug report: destroying a major core of ships with multi core will cause shield turns off for a sec, when is shield is an oneuse shield will cause it goes destroyed (what i means other cores are oneuse shield...) https://github.com/siiftun1857/magnuassembly/blob/dev-WE2BoLaX/ships/1259_MegaOrb1.lua

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