barnacle missiles that can attach to enemy ships and take over their AI

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manylegged commented almost 2 years ago Admin

dragonman13Yesterday at 11:42 PM @manylegged hello sir. would you like add an attachment point that could attach on enemy ships? just like a barnacle attaching on a ship:BlobSpeedThinking: Aleksander WitYesterday at 11:44 PM I did think of a parasitic/swarm kind of thing eating up ships for resources and reproduction. Possibly replacing the AI in the infested ship with one from the infecting faction. manylegged: Barnacles that take over the AI of the ship would definitely be cool. We might even be able to implement it as just an extra command block, so if it gets destroyed the faction reverts. That would be super cool. Please make a feathub entry.

| Lapapsnow commented almost 2 years ago

Please yes. If we have the option of creating a Zombie Infection, such as in Space Pirates And Zombies. My man. That will be fun. We can start some real "Survive The Apocalypse" vibes. I'm not against that.

My 5 cents:

Howdy Arthur! ( This is posted on feathub but I though I might as well put it here. :sweat_smile: )

I'd like to add some input on the Barnacle Infection - AI take over - missile.

A nice way of dealing with it, would be letting CAPTURE Missiles... ( Which is what they are, and which gives a lot of application for modders :stuckouttongue: ) ...have a set CaptureForce that is added per tick, and compared to the targets total health. This would make it balanced against larger targets and allow the possibility of having modules that have a set AntiCaptureForce that would combat the docked Capture Missile.

We can think of it as a boarding ship. That might be a little more interesting. :stuckouttongue: The missile has troops on it, and the enemy has troops of their own. Or, fungi, or infestation, and the target ship has a lot of cleaners. Hah.

I think that might be a nice ballanced approach. Unless you've already thought of it. :joy:

| Lapapsnow commented almost 2 years ago

Forgot to break out my _'s...

| AleksanderWit commented almost 2 years ago

In reassembly i do not think of ships as having crews and people in them.. I think of the ships as living themself. So it would more like be a virus missile or infestation missile.

| NSGCommando commented over 1 year ago

W.R.T. Take-over-enemy-ship missiles(or Barnacle Missiles, as they are called here), a few ideas: 1. When a missile takes over a ship, the current blueprint of the ship should be kept. This would reduce complexity in design selection, as well as allow for strategic targeting of capital ships instead of just any nearby ships. The ship just taken over should be allowed to rebuild to its current design, BUT its design shouldn't be allowed to be copied by players if they are from a different faction, since that would allow players to use other factions' parts themselves, giving an undue and overpowered advantage. 2. There must be some counter to these missiles/drones, some way to reverse or prevent ships from being taken over, sort of like an anti-virus, or maybe, healing beams could revert the effects before the ship is taken over. 3. No instant take-over. There should be a time period before ship-capturing, to allow anti-virus/counter to defend the ship/stop the take-over process. Something like virusStrength/shipMaxHP could determine the time to take over the ship. That's all for now. Might append further ideas later.

| dragonman13 commented over 1 year ago

ok thanks of everybody's ieads.I want to do this things in reassembly just because of I'm a fun of Starcraft's zerg, BIOHAZARD (Resident Evil)and I really like play RTS game.Also I love Biotechnology and entomology´╝îand there is pal said he or she thinks ships in reassembly is a own living things so I thinks maybe we can plus some Biological Properties on blocks.Plant properties are good, but it's better if we have animal properties.

| Arcyriea commented over 1 year ago

It will makes my plan of creating bio infection like from the game Obliterate Everything becoming real

| Arcyriea commented over 1 year ago

Could you create something that a guardian faction will guard that is sealing something nasty from setting loose, if destroyed all hell will break loose and a new corruption faction emerged, starts with the burst release of infestation spores that infects all the Guardian faction's ships

| Arcyriea commented over 1 year ago

Then some spores will grow into its own factory ships design of their own corruption faction if they haven't attach themselves into any ships yet. Also can you add a syntax that will be enabled by modder's will that will causes infected ships to have a chance to launches barnacles instead of their own native faction's missile?

| Arcyriea commented over 1 year ago

Also could have an option to have barnacle to work similar to faction 13 command seeds, if they didn't find a host for quite some time they will just die off

| Arcyriea commented over 1 year ago

Hmm should we have an option to have the infected ships grow some extra barnacles after the ships been taken over?

| Arcyriea commented over 1 year ago

Not on launchers I mean but on their hulls

XDERP7 commented 12 months ago

about the anti barnacle missiles, you have PD systems, they aren't just cosmetic, why not use those to shoot off the missiles before they take over ?

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