"Charge fully" weapon group setting + tournament weapon setting retention

Owlfeathers asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 6 comments

Owlfeathers commented over 1 year ago

  • A weapon group setting in the same vein as ripple fire, which makes charging weapons always wait until full charge before firing.

  • Having weapon settings like ripple fire and charge fully being retained in tournament mode instead of being removed as they currently are.

| Climhazzard1 commented over 1 year ago

I would like to Suggest adding "AI ignores damage and range" as a weapon group modifier such as ripple fire and the above suggested "fully charge".

I would also suggest making "ai ignores damage and range" an intrinsic property of at least one weapon group that will fire at your primary target when the ship is AI controlled. For example, the auto fire category. Then you could have weapons set to ripple fire that also have the "ai ignores damage and range" property.

And of course, any weapon binding settings should apply to non player controlled ships, in and out of tournament mode.

If really ambitious separate binding menu to player controlled and non player controlled menus to prevent confusion of new players.

Braidedheadman commented over 1 year ago

+1 for customizable weapon prioritization via bindings + full charge binding. Mortars for days, yo!

manylegged commented over 1 year ago Admin

ImperiXYesterday at 10:45 PM @manylegged maybe a command line term that adds the AUTOFIRE flag similar to how the replace function works so we can select a whole group of parts then apply the flag to the blocks with the desired ID.

manylegged commented over 1 year ago Admin

MonsPubisYesterday at 10:55 PM It's a little wonky doing bindings in sandbox. You have to select the ship, [ideally pause so nothing moves around], press 1 to go into pilot mode, press \ to close the console, press b to go to bindings, select your bindings, then turn console back on, switch to build mode, [unpause], then free to export or whatever. You get used to it, but it's definitely not particularly transparent.

| Climhazzard1 commented over 1 year ago

I had another idea for a weapon group modifier while I was failing to sleep last night. "Always fire" Weapons set to "always fire" would fire all the time as long as energy was available. I'm mostly thinking about mines, as it's really all they're lacking to be competitive in tournaments. Plasma pulsers and proton beams would also benefit. Plasma pulsers are good PD but the projectiles are a little slow to react, but if they fired all the time it wouldn't matter. I also think you could make some pretty cool ships with proton beams that fired all the time. I'm sure players might find it useful even for turreted weapons to fire in the general direction of the enemy fleet all the time, but I don't know if that would be hard to implement.

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