Shared boost effect on multi turret/cannon

tanghao290 asked for this feature 9 months ago — 4 comments

tanghao290 commented 9 months ago

Allow single booster block share effect on all connected weapon . Important for mod with bunch of booster and support multiple turret/cannon. This function was available in 20180622 , but disabled in beta 20180801

Please upvote this thread if you have similar mod design.

| tanghao290 commented 9 months ago

bug report

same slot-booster turret design result different turret update effect . (all booster cant connect to other booster , but can connect to turret on each side) noticed the different turret barrel size , and test fire shows different ballistic . this only happened in version 20180801.

slot design weapon boost in version 20180622 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/212594281108471809/475590267794096128/unknown.png

slot design weapon boost in version 20180801 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/212594281108471809/475590459658600458/Reassembly_Screenshot_20180805_04.10.53.PM_1920x1080.png

| tanghao290 commented 9 months ago

From manylegged: @tanghao Yes, the weapon booster system was only designed to work in stacks like the tinkrell cannons. I made a change to disallow different cannons sharing boosters, something that previously sort of worked but could result in crashes. I would like to fix this at some point if you want to make a feathub entry for more generalized boosters. The laser booster entry is tied for #1 so I will probably have to get in there at some point...

| tanghao290 commented 8 months ago

the 20180816 beta seems restore share boost feature , thread can be marked as closed

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