use moddable custom shader for shields

Silver-frost asked for this feature 9 months ago — 2 comments

Silver-frost commented 9 months ago

Original title: Modify the "vec4 Position" and the "mat4 Transform" of ShaderColorLuma to let shields covered with a texture

How about making some changes for "Position" and "Transform" of ShaderColorLuma? It will let the rotation angle of the ship can be found from "Transform". Then, the custom textures can be attached to shields and rotate as the ship rotates. And if we can pass in a variable about the radius of the shield in this shader, we can also set different render effects for different sizes of the shield.

manylegged commented 9 months ago Admin

I renamed the title to be a little bit more general - Position and Transform are part of my rendering system and not easy to change in specific places at all. I think going a whole custom shader for shields is a good idea anyway, just for efficiency, and will be much more easily modded as well.

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