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AleksanderWit commented 11 months ago

Example ideas which could be used in a campaign.

You spawn in a certain place with a few designated "aquiered" or unlocked components and a few resources. This could be amongst wreckage with your ship halfway broken, forcing you to transform yourself into something much smaller with what you have.

--Seemingly there has been a devestating battle here, seeing big wrecks of capitals and many smaller ships. The designs seem to be grouped in three kinds of shapes and styles, could there have been a three-way conflict here?--

You find a heavily damaged ship amongst the abondened battlefield and refit/repurpose it into a factory and cargo ship that follows you, helping you out on your journey and making any smaller assets you may need. Searching, you find a damaged base (proper with walls and turrets, one you can be in physically with your vessel).

--What could have happened here? The whole area seems to be littered with fortifications and defences. Many of the structures are broken down to a large degree, we could possibly restore them with time and resources.--

You could for example defend that and gather strength. You venture out, meeting unknown alien species with unique forms, technology and modules.

--We have met our first contact! These "beings" seem to be friendly, not attacking us even if we approach to a closer distance. We could possibly learn from them?--

Expanding your area of coverage you end up finding everything was of no use, an immense alien fleet with technologies you never dreamed of comes from a wormhole destroying everything in its path.

--Emergency, a big signature seems to be coming from (a wormhole or something else). We have no assets/units at that location, it is something unknown!--

You struggle, and may find a way to escape. To regather strength.

The way this could work could be to have one big map, almost RTS style. Or possibly many smaller ones which you can access through portals, gateways or simply going through the border of the one map you are currently in. Everything in the current map would be active, moving, living, evolving around you. There could break off fractures from your structures or fleets, running off to develop for themself. Feeding off the resources they find to grow for themself, these could possibly have the same technologies/modules and designs as you had at that time since they are a part of you.

In addition this could have a huge modding potential, if given acess to modders. Modders could make their own campaigns, designing the world and events as they please. There would be possibilities to put in custom sound files (for eksample a voice talking when a certain event is triggered) and many more features. This would make another, larger than before, source of new unique content. Coupled with the existing modding features this could give many time more ways to make interesting content.

The rest of the features and ideas need to be made up first before i can add them here.

blabla.... Blalbalabalalabal√ła........

Something, something..... Hmm, that... Yes and that could work. And that we could also have that feature in such a system if we first make it up... Blabla.......

manylegged commented 8 months ago Admin

  • station talk interface integrated with command interface. Make selections with 456
  • quest types:
    • build a ship with certain properties: R capacity, speed,
    • deliver R to certain location
    • conquer certain sector / station
    • destroy certain enemy ship
    • defend certain allied ship
    • teleport player across the map
    • get R/C or special block as a reward
  • text template for quest descriptions (several variants)
  • quest stages - passing certain thresholds increments the quest stage
    • incoming communique... press '4' and a window pops up with the text
  • quests filtered based on conditions - stage, player P, player position...
  • faction sectors also have agents that move around
    • generate invasion quests
    • agents have a goal - move towards center, kill a certain faction
  • allied agent fleets
    • generate help quest
  • enemy talk/hail interface
    • enemy ships hail the player below the target icon
    • warn them away, war cries (tag cries with distance, ally/enemy P ratio, player P value)
  • agents can get destroyed by each other / stations with some random chance
    • also chance of generating new agents
  • difficulty level to slow down / reduce number of enemy agents
    • actually possible to loose if all of your stations are destroyed

| Tankhusk commented 8 months ago

Allied agent fleets along with enemy talk/hail sounds sick. Of course the quests are cool also, +1

| ConsiderTheFollowing commented 8 months ago

I think the main thing that's lacking in campaign mode is goals. The enemy factions don't really have a goal besides defending their predefined territory. Having an active enemy force that sends ships at you or other factions would add so much depth. Would also be cool if your faction sent ships as well to invade other factions and claim territory.

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