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manylegged asked for this feature about 2 years ago — 5 comments

manylegged commented about 2 years ago Admin

  • how many times an agent has killed a player
  • how many times players have killed the agent
  • agent tiers (increase with kills)
  • website with agent rankings / tier lists
  • GUI to query the player - did you enjoy that agent encounter?

also bias agent downloads more towards recently uploaded agents and steam friends

| Starficz commented about 2 years ago

Expanding on "how many times x killed x", There should be some P adjustment weights so a high p agent killing a low p ship should count less then the opposite. and limit the feedback the system gets from 1 player so 1 player can't poison the ranks.

| manylegged commented about 2 years ago Admin

should check for and disallow multi-faction agents

not sure how to handle mods - would be cool to support modded agents somehow...

| MonsPubis commented about 2 years ago

The GUI should be non-intrusive IMO, so that the player can ignore it and continue playing if they feel so inclined. Not sure how much work that would require, as I recall most GUI elements in Reassembly currently require input before the game will continue.

Also, I'd track 'agent spawns in campaign' (as opposed to sandbox) and 'world regenerations / wormholes after agent kills player'. The former could be combined with agent-killed-player and player-killed-agent statistics to formula an overall deadliness. A ship's "tier" should advance relatively slowly, such that one good performance doesn't elevate a ship particularly quickly.

I'd also track two tiers, thinking about it: 1 - Difficulty. This is purely based on how many times the agent kills players and how many "rage quits" (world regens / wormholes after it's killed the player). Could possibly be expressed as [Agent Kills On Player - Player Kills On Agent]. 2 - Entertainment. This would be asked of each player after killing / dying to an agent, such that agents that players enjoy are favored over raw efficacy.

Players could then have their agents selected based on these criteria (and selectable as a menu option, would default to Entertainment).

Mods create a bit of a problem. Their mere presence can throw off statistics pretty hard. Many factions are not balanced against vanilla factions at all, and could be disruptive to the ranking system. Might have to ensure the players have no active faction mods or block mods present. Not sure how many players this would involve though.

| AleksanderWit commented about 2 years ago

Yes, there could be two simple buttons, or a lever to decide if you favor strength of the agents or the entertainement. With the lever you could decide more precisely what ratio of entertainement and strength you want.

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