Homing & Gravitic Plasma Projectiles

Arcyriea asked for this feature about 1 year ago — 9 comments

Arcyriea commented about 1 year ago

add homing capability prefixes that determine the range of attraction and how much force which the bullets get pulled to any nearest enemy ship in range of magnetism


  • "HOMING": mean the projectile does not pull ships into it but still fling itself to the nearest enemy ships

  • "GRAVITIC": the projectile with this prefix will actually pull every enemy ships into it like a black hole, but does not home on any targets, however ships could still be able to escape if the Force value is weaker than their thrusters.

  • "VORTEX": Homing into ships while pulling them into itself at the same time

"attractionForce=x": How strong is the force of the magnetism, this will affect how fast the projectiles will chase enemy ships or how much force ships being pulled to the projectile

"attractionRadius=y": Radius of magnetic field

| Arcyriea commented about 1 year ago

This work similar to the tractor features of the LASER weapon type, I think

Draxiss314 commented about 1 year ago

Isn't this a duplicate of the magnetic plasma suggestion?

Draxiss314 commented about 1 year ago

Nevermind, I can't find the magnetic plasma suggestion. Soooo . . . there we go.

| Iridius1 commented about 1 year ago

This IS the magnetic plasma suggestion iirc.

Owlfeathers commented about 1 year ago

I agree with the general concept of this suggestion, but I think the suggested implementation is overly complicated. I'd suggest just having two fields: attractionForce and attractionRange, both of which default to 0. These would function exactly as if there were a turreted tractor laser with the specified force and range attached to the projectile.

| Arcyriea commented about 1 year ago

I was thinking about implementing some sort of gravity field if the projectile uses GRAVITY prefix that pull other ships into it but does not affect its trajectory, or enable an invisible tractor beam inside the projectile that pull itself toward any nearest ship in range if it uses the HOMING prefix, VORTEX just enables both the gravity field and the invisible tractor-like system

| Arcyriea commented about 1 year ago

also this "tractor" will just pull the projectile toword the ship but not pulling ships off its trajectory of travel

| ConsiderTheFollowing commented 10 months ago

this would be really cool, +1

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