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MonsPubisLast Thursday at 6:16 PM RE: Agent Duplication Theory - That would make sense. And a few potential solutions come to mind:

1 - Give each year a 'weight' based on how many entries there are. So if there are 12 agents from 2014 and 88 from 2015, there'd be an 88% chance of getting a 2015 agent. There'd still end up with dupes, but I expect fewer of them since it would draw most from the largest pools. 2 - Have a background cron job that runs and periodically picks, say, 10,000 agents in the current system and is sure to avoid dupes. Then dump the filenames into a flat file and have the server-side agent just go through the flat file line by line until it reaches the end, then restart at the top. The cron job can run semi-inefficiently since it doesn't interact with the player, it just recycles the list server-side. It doesn't have to be perfect, just add additional variety.

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