AI should ignore weapons bound to PD in optimal engagement range calculations

Margakis asked for this feature 10 months ago — 8 comments

Margakis commented 10 months ago

An issue identified in the Tourney crowd is that the AI simply doesn't behave as well as it should, one of the problems is that ships with any amount of PD will oftentimes completely negate the utility of long range weapons, and cause all sorts of trouble in designing a ship. The suggestion here is that the AI should instead treat all PD-bound weapons as though they don't exist when determining a ship's optimal engagement range in order to have long range ships behave better when it counts.

While an AI mod could largely fix this, a common roadblock to this is that nobody really knows how to make the AI ignore PD-bound weapons, and most popular tournament hosters don't like using mods, as not all submitters use mods in their testing, and thus are naturally at a disadvantage.

Should this AI fix be applied to the base game, it could fix the original problem as well eliminate as the issue of using an AI mod to fix it for the purposes of hosting standard-format tournaments.

| Braidedheadman commented 10 months ago

It's worth noting that, for competitive Tinkrel ships for example, adding PD lasers in any amount causes the Tinkrel ship to want maneuver into close quarters combat (CQC) range, where Tinkrel ships are fundamentally disadvantaged. This is compounded by the fact that modular Tinkrel weapon barrels, apparently, don't take into account the weapon's modified DPS and range when calculating the ship's "best" DPS and range, which even a handful of PD lasers are able to overwhelm. As a result, Tinkrel PD weapons simply aren't used at all.

| Braidedheadman commented 10 months ago

There may be some overlap between this and another requested feathub:


manylegged commented 10 months ago Admin

Implemented in beta - please verify

| Braidedheadman commented 10 months ago

Can confirm, ships are much better behaved with even this limited ability to select primary weapon ranges

manylegged commented 10 months ago Admin


| Braidedheadman commented 10 months ago

Just a minor oversight: Torpedoes and (possibly?) rockets and missiles do not appear to have been captured in this update. I've confirmed that torpedoes are not being excluded by the AI when set to autofire. Several people have mentioned that other launcher-type weapons may also be similarly affected, although I haven't yet had a chance to personally test and confirm these reports.

manylegged commented 9 months ago Admin

impmeneted, closing

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