Expanding ONEUSE function

Fgdfgfthgr asked for this feature 10 months ago — 3 comments

Fgdfgfthgr commented 10 months ago

Expand the ONEUSE to factory, thruster, teleporters. In which allow "cooldown time" and more interesting ship designs. For ONEUSE thruster, it may act like a solid rocket, don't be turndown once on. Some other parameters may require, such as "Burning time" to manage the time burning before ONEUSE thruster self-destoryed.

manylegged commented 10 months ago Admin

one problem with ONUSE thrusters is that they would break drones using ONEUSE weapons. Possibly need a different feature for this

manylegged commented 10 months ago Admin

ONEUSE has been expanded to include teleporters and factory blocks. Thrusters need another mechanism anyway, so closing.

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