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Radarr/Radarr Handling bluray folder structures 34 When I download a movie, I prefer a bluray disc. Most of the time, they come as a folder structure containing the bluray folders (bdmv, certificate, etc.). At this moment, Radarr is unable to handle these structure as it expects a single video file in a folder. It would be great if Radarr was able to recognize these folder structures and copy/move them as a whole to my movies folder. After all, the quality 'BR Disc' is present.


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over 1 year ago Radarr/Radarr Support ISO and BDMV/TS_VIDEO structures
over 2 years ago Radarr/Radarr Allow Setting Indexer Download Priority for Same Release on Multiple Indexers
over 2 years ago Radarr/Radarr Have all movies in a single folder.
about 4 years ago Radarr/Radarr Move movies even if they are not on the list