Trains / Teleporters / Fast-Forward

Anuken asked for this feature 7 months ago — 9 comments

Anuken commented 7 months ago Admin

Just testing the feature suggestion system. Note that none of these things will ever be added to the game.

| ZkyLB commented 7 months ago

how about wrecked trains?


ThatOneBepis commented 7 months ago

gegg gamegg

Austin5003 commented 7 months ago

I can understand no trains or teleporters, but why no fast forward? Sometimes you just need to speed up resource collection between waves

Echua36 commented 7 months ago

fast forward is strange for me because played time spikes(suddenly going fast)and i can't catch up the upgrade

AlphaReaper15 commented 6 months ago

if you want a train just use mech and conveyors. conveyors can move mechs that are on them.

Ferociousfeind commented 6 months ago


MEEPofFaith commented 6 months ago


CA6 commented 6 months ago

tran plas

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