Show ship health

willis936 asked for this feature 8 months ago — 4 comments

willis936 commented 8 months ago

It can be hard to tell how close to death the player ship is. I haven't found a way to see the player ship health in the interface. Something like a bar above/below the ship sprite would be helpful.

BonzieC5303 commented 8 months ago

For now, you can only see how critical the mech's health by checking the blinking light.

| FarmerThanos commented 6 months ago

It would be logical for it to be shown on the HUD as a health bar with numbers on it. E.g. 1500hp/2000

Mdbgamer commented 5 months ago

This would help immensely, but perhaps as an optional thing? It's hard to tell between maps in multiplayer how close a player is to destroying your ship or you theirs, as the light seems to function off of percentage of hp rather than hard numbers. I dunno though.

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