Wind Turbines

ph3rr3t asked for this feature 12 months ago — 12 comments

ph3rr3t commented 12 months ago

Power Gen. Ideas:

  • Small Wind Turbine

    • Can be built only on the edges of terrain wall tiles, similar to how pumps & some other fluid blocks can be built at the edge of deep-water tiles.
    • 1x1 building, with a 3x3 no build zone around it for similar structures.
  • Large Wind Turbine

    • Same placement rules as its smaller variant.
    • 2x2 building, with a 6x6 no build zone around if for similar structures.

RedDragonMZ commented 12 months ago

And its better than solar panel

nstgc commented 12 months ago

6x6? 5x5 would added the same amount of padding as the small variant and have 4 times the amount of "empty" space.

ZkyLB commented 12 months ago

i dont think anuke will add something like that, i remember seeing it in a "suggested" embed

| PASyther commented 12 months ago

I think a 2x2 small turbine and a 3x3 large turbine would be more fitting

| ERR1024 commented 12 months ago


SuperNova-ReImagined commented 11 months ago

Anuke would have to add wind mechanics first, and then there would be suggestions like wind affecting drone and ship movement

| ph3rr3t commented 11 months ago

Wouldn't need all that. Was just a thought for using the edges of the unbuildable terrain similar to how we can build some things on the edges of deep water tiles. Basically animated solar panels that can only be built in certain terrain conditions.

| spacemandude10 commented 10 months ago

You should be able to build around it, but blocks that mechs cannot walk over lower efficiency, while blocks that mechs can walk over(conveyors, conduits, unit factories etc.) don't affect efficiency.

| jaygamer81 commented 10 months ago

Im guessing this would be cool, especially to add with weather, and also, these would only work on specific maps, (like thermal generators)

CA6 commented 10 months ago

But why there is no point

przemo10371 commented 9 months ago

But when wind turbines were to be added, next step would be combined solar/wind generator(like the one in simcity skylines Advanced Wind Turbine) Same in size and power generation as large turbine but with additional power from it's solar panels they would add, let's say like half of large solar panel power generation. It would be great alternative for current/future maps with little access to coal/geothermal and other means of producing power.

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