Add a in-game mod creator

OverChock asked for this feature 8 months ago — 5 comments

OverChock commented 8 months ago

It should have a mod creator inside the game (or just a application) options, following the same format of a JavaScript module, with basic and easy edible file formats.

| PASyther commented 8 months ago

Maybe even with a UI for importing sprites

Vortetty commented 8 months ago

why would you not just learn json, it is not a hard language, you just need to pay attention to brackets and parentheses.

Vortetty commented 8 months ago

Just a question as it is easy to learn and allows more than the in game one would?

| Gurgth commented 6 months ago

it would show players what can be done with instant results and is easier for someone who has no idea what they are doing(like me).

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