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PASyther asked for this feature 9 months ago — 4 comments

PASyther commented 9 months ago

Add a One vs Many mode where one player can play as the enemies that spawn in survival and the others play as normal.

Give units a Point Value that would roughly translate to their strength (Health + Damage + Speed). The Enemy player would have a slightly different interface where instead of buildings in their hotbar, they'd have the different enemy types (Maybe divided into Ground, Air and Boss).

The Waves point value would equal the point value of the original waves enemies (In normal Survival Mode) and the Enemy Player could create a wave with the point limit out of the units they have available. This wave would then be sent as normal.

Maybe even let the Enemy Player choose which spawn point to spawn from (If there are multiple spawn points).

Even if this mode is not included, I Feel as though the point value for units and choice of spawn points would help greatly in making maps more interesting.

| ThatOneBepis commented 9 months ago

maybe make there be 2 enemy teams, in a race to destroy an uprising base of a third team, and have an objective to last to x wave, where the third team wins

Yell245 commented 9 months ago

Maybe a mode where one of the players have his own space (cosmic ship) where he can build and send units to the map to mine ores or to attack player. I will do it in other suggestion

| NarendraAIM commented 9 months ago

I think this as similar as Clash of Clans

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