Excavators; for maps with no sand OR scrap.

varkarrus asked for this feature 12 months ago — 14 comments

varkarrus commented 12 months ago

An excavator would be a special 5*5 drill that requires very large amounts of copper and lead. It requires fairly large amounts of power, and it would generate sand, with the same items per tile as a normal drill. (2.5 items per second)

For every ore tile (of any kind) it covers, it has a 1 in 25 chance of producing scrap instead of sand. I.E: if it covers 20 ore tiles, it'd generate roughly 2 scrap per second and 0.5 sand per second.

Excavators can be boosted like drills, but would consume more water. Or the boost would be less effective. Whichever works better.

| Vortetty commented 12 months ago

i have this planned to be in my mod, i am actually working on this right now, if you would like to check it out.

| Vortetty commented 12 months ago

as of now this has been implemented in my mod, however you will have to import github mod as a new release has not been made yet. will also be adding some for phase fabric and silicon

| Vortetty commented 12 months ago

and it is not your exact image, but it functions for this

| Echua36 commented 12 months ago

I recommanded this: sometime sand/scrap are far away to get and i don't like using more than 2 mass driver (200 block away) and it's tooks me longer to track the clog reason 2: less spaghetti mass driver reason 3: compact/small build

| Echua36 commented 12 months ago

and 2.5 sec/s is very balanced for it's flexibility (you can add water to it) add water up to 6.4/s water+overdrive 7.65/s water+od phase 9.52/s

| Echua36 commented 12 months ago

actually water+overdrive is 9.6/s and with phase is 14.4/s

vonBoomslang commented 11 months ago

I do like the sometimes making scrap idea very much I want you to know.

| famo commented 11 months ago

If it produces sand and scrap at random, it is a PITA to handle. Furthermore don't you think map creators had something in mind by excluding sand/scrap when they created the map?

| Arkanic commented 10 months ago

I'll make this in a pull request, however I can't guarantee that it will be merged.

| Arkanic commented 10 months ago

@famo if there is no scrap or sand in the map, how is one meant to create any of the following items: silicon, surge, phase fabric, and metaglass?

| famo commented 10 months ago

You don't. Because this how the map creator wanted the map to work.

| LeoSko commented 9 months ago

Agree with famo - if there is no sand on the map, then you are not supposed to have it there. This can be in some mod, but not in vanilla game definitely.

| stuffyAI commented 9 months ago

Not to mention that you can still obtain sand if you have enough silicon from either the start loadout or scrapping buildings on the map to make some water to sand blueprint (either oil or spores) for endless air to sand system

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