Higher tier force projector.

LordChrom asked for this feature 3 months ago — 16 comments

LordChrom commented 3 months ago

In the late game the current force projectors are woefully inadequate. My suggestion:

4x4 force projector, requires more power and cooling. (Probably about 3-4x each)

Can absorb 4-5x as much damage.

Requires cryofluid to function

Blocks flying units from going directly over it.

Has a very high health.

Stores a much higher amount of fluid internally.

Made of surge alloy thorium plastanium and silicon

Potentially larger range

Optionally: requires phase fabric to operate and absorbs 10x as much damage as current projectors

Being 4x4 Makes it harder to incorporate and also makes it so less will fit in a given space, making it a 2.25-2.81x increase in shield power/block

Edit: and blocking incendiary attacks while up would be nice too

| ZkyLB commented 3 months ago

how about buffing the original force projector?

| Shawak commented 3 months ago

I would prefer to see the current force projector buffed. It's pretty useless right now. It should protect turrets until there is no energy left. That would also make batteries more useful again.

| LordChrom commented 3 months ago

That would work too, but then it'd still be balanced compared to it's cost and power cost. On the discord I suggested Making the cryo cooled ones twice as good and that seemed rather popular (20 check marks). On the other hand we don't want to make the existing ones too powerful either. Ultimately it's up to anuke to decide which is better, if there's a buff at all.

Either way having the first like 15 cryo cooled projectors all taken out in like 3 seconds during boss waves isn't very fun.

| ZkyLB commented 3 months ago


| Kubek0212 commented 3 months ago

Phase now only buffs range of projector. What if it also buffed damage absorption?

| ZkyLB commented 3 months ago


| ZkyLB commented 3 months ago

oh no why de diesliekad

| Phebus666 commented 3 months ago

You guys sound to me like you haven't grasped what I believe to be the meta for force projectors. If you try to protect walls with them, you are using them wrong as they just suck in that role. Force projectors are there to protect critical stuff that does not have the hp pool to survive the odd bit of damage that gets past your walls. So basically infrastructure like power nodes, ammo belts, maybe menders, oil lakes, ammo factories and power plants. They are very effective in doing so if you set them up accordingly. However, having better versions of them would still be a nice addition to the game.

| Phebus666 commented 3 months ago

I do however strongly disapprove of the idea that force projectors should keep absorbing damage until power runs out. In effect that would mean that every sufficiently strong wave would suck the batteries dry. As someone who tends to spend considerable amounts of time dealing with base power management, I feel that this would break the game because battery power is a crucial energy reserve to keep the base running. This could lead to impacts crashing every wave due to lack of power... And if impacts (being the main power gen for late game) crash regularly your base will not survive for very long. While in theory this could all be avoided by having a separate power grid running the def off of a more reliable power source, this idea has some big issues... the biggest of which is the concept of "public servers" where there are always players which will neither realize that those grids are supposed to stay separated nor read signs or chat messages telling them as much.

| LordChrom commented 3 months ago

Walls and force projectors serve the exact same purpose. Absorb a certain amount of damage every wave. With shields they cool down and go back up, walls are either repaired or rebuilt by drones.

Shields and walls work together to protect your defenses. By the way, walls do very little when a flying boss goes right over them.

Also nobody was suggesting shields that absorb infinite power.

itskatt commented 3 months ago

Imo, I find it a bit pointless that phase buffs range and not damage absorption. Bigger shields means more occasion of it being hit, so more damage to absorb. This is why I never buff force projectors.

| LordChrom commented 3 months ago

I mean, longer range allows shields from further back, so you can have more, but in practice it's kinda pointless considering they could just be farther forward and your turrets farther back.

| MikouZonata commented 3 months ago

It is already too easy to create a situation in which bases become nearly impenetrable. More/better force projectors are undesireable for a healthy game.

| nstgc commented 2 months ago

I agree that the FP shouldn't be used for protecting walls, but I would still like to see a change to its function. I would also like to see a larger FP.

As for the use of the FP, I've been using it for those fighters that sneak past my AA turrets and get a shot or two off before being put down. This works well.

As for how I would like it to function, I would like it to stay up until it either over heats or runs out of power. I agree that sucking the batteries dry might be a bit too OP (without increasing power drain per unit damage), but there is also over heating. Once the coolant is used up, it will over heat, so there are two resources that can be used up here, not one.

So why not change the current FP to REQUIRE at least water to cool, with cryo as an optional buff? Once either power or water run out, it over heats or simply can't project due to low power. If cryo is used in the current FP, then it goes takes longer to use it up.

| marky0470 commented about 1 month ago

I suggest that it can take another output like surge or plastanium, this will decrease damage taken from arc type attacks, possibly by reducing the reach of the arc through the umbrella itself, which would be useful against eradicators

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