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Ramielsaadi2 commented 7 months ago

with the soon addition of diodes, I thought to myself "What if we had more stuff?" I'm suggesting the addition of levers/switches, that act like diodes but when you click on them, like a door they toggle and do not allow power through the output side. Also, smarter generators that do not operate when you are getting enough energy, and LED blocks that light up when receiving power, and turn off when there is no power. this would make seeing if you have power easier.

Edit: The idea of having power nodes light up is clever, maybe have an improved power node with the ability to show power

RogueRedHawk commented 7 months ago

I like the LED idea to indicate positive/negative power (maybe turn red or green to indicate) but Anuke has already mentioned why "Smart generators" probably aren't in the future. One of his reasons was "How would you know which generator to turn off?" [Paraphrased] Besides, the only real need for a smart generator is if you plan on going into negative production anyways, in which case that's what batteries are for. To go along with the Levers/switches Levers and switches would be interesting, it would allow more complex creations. Maybe also add some sort of toggleable gate so players can "make" smart generators by connecting indicators to switches or levers or a toggleable gate.

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See my suggestions for remote switches:

| famo commented 5 months ago

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