New Turret "Railun"

Nekomeme asked for this feature 10 months ago — 12 comments

Nekomeme commented 10 months ago

Long Range Titanium or Copper + Electricity based Munitions

| jvaler1 commented 10 months ago

Real railguns shoot projectiles at high speeds with magnets, so energy would be required but not just energy. Thorium would be a good ammo because they use high density material ammunition.

| jvaler1 commented 10 months ago

Wait nevermind, you said titanium/copper ammo

| max2007-69 commented 9 months ago

Titanium bolts? This a first turret is use a titanium to shoot. Not bad.

jaygamer81 commented 9 months ago

Good point. The Railgun would probably do alot of damage.

Bubbabbear commented 9 months ago

I also think it should be able to use higher tiers of ammunition like Plast or Surge seeing as those are both metal compounds in the game

TheBulletParadox commented 9 months ago

Well, since it's a massive damage turret, the reload time should be quite long, as well as the range. A real-steel railgun can shoot up to 100 miles, which is insanity. So my suggestion is have the railgun do like, 500 damage per shot, but have a minute reload time.

| marky0470 commented 8 months ago

It would be nice to see it pierce multiple enemies as well, not all but maybe a few.

| ShadowPhrogg32642342 commented 8 months ago

Manual aim/fire maybe, like a tactical kinetic bombardment strike?

| snorlax-random commented 6 months ago

a minute reload time would be excessive, but around ten seconds- a massive amount of time during a wave- would be good

steamiskey commented 6 months ago

If it you could set what type of enemy it targets and make it take expensive ammo along with a 1 or even 5 minute cool down depending on the ammo and have cryo fluid as a reload buff. That way it needs the boss's just flying over everything...

ProMix0 commented 5 months ago

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