New Turret "Railun"

Nekomeme asked for this feature 22 days ago — 5 comments

Nekomeme commented 22 days ago

Long Range Titanium or Copper + Electricity based Munitions

| jvaler1 commented 20 days ago

Real railguns shoot projectiles at high speeds with magnets, so energy would be required but not just energy. Thorium would be a good ammo because they use high density material ammunition.

| jvaler1 commented 20 days ago

Wait nevermind, you said titanium/copper ammo

| max2007-69 commented 10 days ago

Titanium bolts? This a first turret is use a titanium to shoot. Not bad.

jaygamer81 commented 3 days ago

Good point. The Railgun would probably do alot of damage.

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