Storage; Buffers & Banks & Forts! OH MY!!

ph3rr3t asked for this feature 8 months ago — 3 comments

ph3rr3t commented 8 months ago

1x1 Buffers - 100 item cap.

2x2 Safes - 300 per item (renamed from Containers, for thematic's)

3x3 Vaults - 1k per item

4x4 Banks - 2k per item

5x5 Forts - 4k per item

--Starting off, rename Containers to Safes, this shortens the name nicely, but also sets it up thematically with Vaults, and the first new building, Banks. If one were to go to a major Bank in a big city, IRL, said place would possibly have more than one Vault, and in each, are many Safes.

--Banks; at least twice as expensive as Vaults, holding twice as much, but taking up 4 less tiles that 2 Vaults. 3x3x2=18 - 4x4=16

--Buffers; a small, cheap storage option that comes with a few extra rules. 1st off, instead of being able to hold the same amount of every item ingame, it can hold a max of 100 items period. 2nd, these come with a selection function similar to Sorters/Inverted/Unloaders. Leaving this unset allows the Buffer to accept all items, setting it only allows the set item in. 3rd, unlike the other storage buildings, these do not need an Unloader to output items, they can input & output in all 4 directions. Build cost would be Copper, Lead, Graphite, & maybe Silicon because of the selection function. CANNOT OUTPUT INTO OTHER BUFFERS!

--Forts; an endgame storage option to hold massive amounts of items. Like the Buffer, these have a twist to them. Their name isn't just to be cute, these buildings mount a decent sized turret on top. They would also have an item selection, letting the player choose what ammo type the turret fires. Leave it unset and the turret would randomly choose its ammo whenever it fires. Build cost would be Surge, Phase, Thorium, Lead, & Silicon.

| Quezler commented 8 months ago

since you've asked for my personal opinion, here it is:

buffers: sounds similar to how the output end of the bridge works (so that wouldn't be to hard to code in), but an embedded selection window sounds to "op" since that would make (inverted-)sorters obsolete, might as well place a filter with an incinerator next to it.

and as for the renaming: that would break backwards compatibility, haven't really dove into that topic, let alone adding a single property to a tile entity, i'll have to ask anuke about that someday when the time is right.

forts: a core with a turret to protect against the early game makes sense, but a late game storage building would likely mean you have the resources to protect that area with actual turret(s), so i don't think that would be the most effective solution, unless it has a very unique weapon compared to whats currently already in the game.

| ph3rr3t commented 8 months ago

The difference between Buffers & Sorters/Inverted are that the latter still pass items that don't match their selection, Buffers would not once they are set.

The point of giving the largest storage building a turret, is partly so its not just another storage building, but can also pull double duty as a minor defense structure. Yes you would still need dedicated defenses for the frontlines, but as stated, Forts would take up 25 tiles of space; would be nice if it wasn't just a giant target.

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