Higher tier Wave turret

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itskatt commented 10 months ago

Actually, besides from being used as fire extinguishers and occasionally used as boss freezers, Wave turrets are rarely used, which means that the offensive aspect of liquids (especially cryofluid, tar and slag) almost never gets used. To overcome this, I suggest adding a higher tier Wave-like turret, the Tsunami. This turret will:

* Spawn 4×4 tiles
* Have a range that's about 2 times the range of the Wave turret
* Have a little more inaccuracy than the Wave turret

Now for the interesting part. When the target is close enough (in the range of a Wave turret) and if there is more than one target, the turret will stop firing its liquid beam for half a second and instead fire a circular arc (of liquid), hitting multiple targets. This will have a 1.5-2 seconds cooldown.

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Torrenal commented 6 months ago

I'd like the wave to see more combat use... For the record, reasons I don't use the wave for combat... - Water- does no damage. Simply a CC - Cryo-fluid - does no damage. Simply a cc. - Slag - sets things on fire. Turret shoots at things in the air, and things in the air don't balk at flying past defenders -> sets my things on fire. Hard pass. - Oil - has no other use on the front line -- lacks synergy. Also, oil burns (see prior statements with slag). Hard pass. In summary, my choices when using the wave boil down to "Doesn't inflict damage" or "sets my stuff on fire".

The completionist in me says "If any thing has a higher tier, then all things must have a higher tier." The practical side of me says "Just because a thing can be done, doesn't mean it must be done, or even should be." The curious side to me asks "Can waves knock back bosses? If so -- why?, and if not, a high tier wave turret may have a practical combat role."

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