Better Drone Commands

elmenda452 asked for this feature 10 months ago — 13 comments

elmenda452 commented 10 months ago

Reposting the highly upvoted idea here... Being able to command drones to either mine, repair, or be free (and repair destroyed blocks or not, for phantom drones) on the command center, would give it a use on survival

| ZkyLB commented 10 months ago

hi elmenda :D

| elmenda452 commented 10 months ago

hi :D

RogueRedHawk commented 9 months ago

Also it would be cool to have a coordinate input. This could be useful on survival, but maybe on PvP or Attack, if I see a weak spot in the defenses I can send my drones there specifically.

IDKANYMORE5 commented 9 months ago

Attack mode needs a update for that

cpaca commented 9 months ago

"Be Free" would also be nice to set onto attack drones They pick a random direction. When they hit a wall (or get close to a wall, eg within 10 blocks) they pick a new random direction (facing away from the wall) and go that way. When they find an enemy, they shoot at it.

cpaca commented 9 months ago

... apparantly FeatHub doesn't like New-lines at all. Capital letters signify a new paragraph in the above case, though.

KSean222 commented 7 months ago

I wrote a scripting language for that, you can check messages in the Discord server's #development channel from Analog Guy#6009. Nothing official, but just an idea

| CA6 commented 7 months ago


| Z3R0Gravitas commented 6 months ago

Just a toggle to allow disabling rebuilding on the Phantom builder drones would be massive - they cause so much trouble in PvP when trying to rebuild in territory an enemy has claimed...

Of course, it would also help, there (in multi-player), if you could see and remove the ghosts of destroyed buildings.

| CoffeeKnight commented 6 months ago

Maybe it would be cool to add the advanced command block to set the directed coordinates for battle drones, like in some strategies, it would be useful as for survival as for pvp, as i see

| steamiskey commented 6 months ago

Roam were it randomly picks a building to fly within 5-15 blocks of.

And chase were it will head toward the nearest enemy. Would be great additions well not becoming to much of an RTS (if you didnt want to become an rts) and are both simplistic commands

| BinoTheDino commented 6 months ago

Basically making drones do specified tasks

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