Better peaceful drones AI

Yell245 asked for this feature 8 months ago — 7 comments

Yell245 commented 8 months ago

Make them feel danger. If drone will see that turret is charging it will go out of the turret's radius. Or if you built thorium reactor and it starts to heat drones in radius will try to escape on full speed to avoid death.

| ZkyLB commented 8 months ago

or how about the drone tries to delete the thorium reactor if it starts to heat up? and the drone will avoid enemy unit's range

BonzieC5303 commented 8 months ago

ZkyLB, this is a good addition for phantom drones

Violet-Scarelli commented 8 months ago

Yes please

| noncom commented 6 months ago

A special thorium reactor caretaker drone would be great. Or if phantom drones could have modes of operation, it would be nice to be able to switch between the two.

OnyxDog07 commented 6 months ago

| DisappointMEntt commented 5 months ago

also miner drones should stop moving between multiple ore patches across the whole map

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