Colorblind Support

ZacBytes asked for this feature 2 months ago — 6 comments

ZacBytes commented 2 months ago

Add colorblind support, fortnite has it. Mindustry had a lot of colored sprites and items so it might be quite hard for colorblind people to play

Quezler commented 2 months ago

As a non colorblind person its hard to guess what others may or may not see correctly, perhaps one of the colorblind lurkers could make themselves known so they can be the ginney pig?

| yfdyh000 commented 2 months ago

[UI] More labels on items Even a non-colorblind, recognize these items through icon's shape and color is very troublesome too.

| NarendraAIM commented 2 months ago

I have a mild deutronomaly so it would be very helpful. A lot of the buildings appear similar because they have a slightly different texture than one another and having to memorize it. Tbh, I don't play much Mindustry anymore because of the hassle of figuring it out by clicking it myself

bvcbvc commented 2 months ago

there is actually features on the android that filters color to what is is for a group of color blind people, its in a normally hiddne setiings menu named developer options, it can be unhidden by going to about, and finding the build number, then tap that a bunch, then naviagte until you find simulate color space, select that and ther you go

Nepoxx commented about 2 months ago

I'm colourblind and I did not have issues with this game. That being said, the best way for non-colourblind devs to test this is to play in black and white.

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