more mod abilities

Vortetty asked for this feature 11 months ago — 5 comments

Vortetty commented 11 months ago

give mod creators more abilities such as making vanilla maps generate with modded ores, and custom text styling.

bvcbvc commented 11 months ago

this feature is already in i think, but ill need an example ore mod to be sure

bvcbvc commented 11 months ago

yea this already exists, its just manual, you would have to either have your mod change the maps or just edit the maps yourself

| Vortetty commented 11 months ago

This is in there but does not allow compatibility with other mods. I mean adding it to the ore generation, or possibly just adding ore masks. That way you can put ores in a map and have compatibility with other mods

MEEPofFaith commented 11 months ago

I want to re-add core snek-ing with a mod.

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