Rebuild button

Vortetty asked for this feature 9 months ago — 6 comments

Vortetty commented 9 months ago

A button to rebuild destroyed buildings automatically instead of manually so I don't have to make repair drones.

Octomaw commented 9 months ago

but then it would make the phantom drone useless

| dandiez commented 9 months ago

Not fully, because if you are the one rebuilding you cannot be doing something else, like shooting or defending elsewhere. It only saves the clicking around to rebuild stuff, which is just time wasted (can be even done in pause mode).

| Vortetty commented 9 months ago


marky0470 commented 8 months ago

Phantom drones are still useful since they still contribute to build/rebuild speeds

| SOF3 commented 6 months ago

In addition, saving a schematic in advance can have the same effect.

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