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Vortetty asked for this feature 11 months ago — 6 comments

Vortetty commented 11 months ago

could you add an option that unlocks all of the files in the mindustry root on android, etc, allowing us to access the mod folder directly and not through the mods dialogue, possibly also adding run logs to the game so try and pinpoint what went wrong?

bvcbvc commented 11 months ago

that is not somthing anuke can do, as he doesn't own the developer of the android os,but he does have run logs i think

| Vortetty commented 11 months ago

Ok, if I am correct Android apps can create files that are public inside of the app files. so if the files were made public to any file manager then you could access them. Have seen other apps do it before.

bvcbvc commented 11 months ago

anuke already has a easier implementation, import mod.

| Vortetty commented 9 months ago

Still cant get logs with import mod.

| DeltaNedas commented 9 months ago

this is implemented Android/data/io.anuke.mindustry/files/

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