Schematics Remember Power Node & Bridge Connections

LazyShooter101 asked for this feature 8 months ago — 8 comments

LazyShooter101 commented 8 months ago

Schematics should remember what power nodes are connected to - this is really helpful for making things look nice and especially helpful for creative sandbox projects such as calculators.

| 231ACR commented 8 months ago

Please edit to schematics plus bridge connection

| tsal commented 8 months ago

I logged in to suggest this, so.. yeah, this.

| tsal commented 8 months ago

Also... Calculators?

KK6DOC commented 8 months ago

Ye calculators... building one that can add up to 30 (cause me stupid) so I would be nice such as for logic gates and more

| CA6 commented 7 months ago

Bridges in my experience are remembered now power nodes are not

| Qix- commented 7 months ago

You're only allowed to implement this if someone makes a full x86 CPU in Mindustry. /s

KSean222 commented 6 months ago

Gonna leave this here, then:

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