Medic drone

Yell245 asked for this feature 9 months ago — 4 comments

Yell245 commented 9 months ago

We have: unit healing building, mech and drone that heals buildings. But we don't have unit that heals other units (Tau's burst is passive ability) by shooting in them! So, medic drone! He is based on "Spirit" drones but have some modifications. Because he need to heal attack units it have more armor and because of that he is little bit slower than Spirits

| famo commented 8 months ago

I like it!

Fabri2906 commented 6 months ago

And, for strategy, make them followers on battle (I'm so bad in English sorry)

steamiskey commented 6 months ago

That may lead to some great gameplay and cool strategy however implementing it would need a full scale rts control system for techs and drones and idk if the dev wants that path for the game

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