Electric Anti-Air Turret

RoyalFunnyDude asked for this feature 3 months ago — 17 comments

RoyalFunnyDude commented 3 months ago

An anti-air turret that uses electricity and functions like a lancer, but anti-air only. Could have two tiers, like arc and lancer.

ERR1024 commented 3 months ago


RogueRedHawk commented 2 months ago

Something like a Tesla Coil would be interesting. Perhaps just call it "Coil."

| MikouZonata commented 2 months ago

You mean the Meltdown?

| RoyalFunnyDude commented 2 months ago

no like an early to mid game anti-air

| shCuber commented 2 months ago

it makes the anti-air defence too easy.

| aaomidi commented 2 months ago

Eh, air attacks are just annoying to deal with currently.

| Ali-C-Ila commented 2 months ago

This will unbalance the game. Scatter is currently a bit too powerful, basically countering anything below lich and reaper. Adding a new anti-air is going to make pvp even more boring. Perhaps nerf Scatters and make a turret that requires both electricity and ammunition?

| aaomidi commented 2 months ago

This game shouldn't be optimized around pvp.

| Ali-C-Ila commented 2 months ago

That's debatable. This game was indeed not designed for pvp, but to think that pvp balance doesn't matter is also not fair.

| nstgc commented 2 months ago

Once you start trying to balance for PvP, you commit yourself to an unending game of "fight the meta". Its a losing proposition, and at this stage of development, inappropriate.

| jonnyawsom3 commented 2 months ago

^ i do like the idea of a tesla coil maybe a radius about half the size of a "scatter" turret (so one can't defend your entire base) and deals small but rapid damage that doesn't miss (like a real one). so you could have batteries to store the power and then it's 1 power for 1 damage (i have no perspective on enemy health so that'll probably have to be changed)

| jonnyawsom3 commented 2 months ago

hmm, it seems that my lines got combined after posting that. hopefully it's still readable

MEEPofFaith commented about 2 months ago

I mean, mass scatter spam is still good.

MEEPofFaith commented about 2 months ago

And once you have plastanium, you can do mass Swarmer spam

Communism-Is-Capatilism commented about 1 month ago

I'm pretty sure all the AA turrets need ammo until you get surge to give reason to build ammo lines. If they just took power you wouldn't need that.

| CA6 commented 14 days ago

Most maps I dich scatters quickly due to their poor performance in mass combat but salvos and up do better and have better dmg before you ask for a new feature understand the game

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