New solar panel, New upgrade for mechs

mimo2Official asked for this feature 7 months ago — 1 comment

mimo2Official commented 7 months ago

Propose a do a new resource-Obsidian. Made on an Obsidian press, with lava and water, looks like black silicon. From obsidian can be will do wall which not are ablaze, and durable as thorium wall.

I propose to make a kinetic solar panel.

Craft like a large solar panel, only with the use of kinetic alloy. Makes 3 times more energy than a large solar panel

I propose to make a Shield ship pad. It is made on the basis of Overdrive projector, kraftitsya as overdrive projector, only with izpolzovaniem 150 phase tissue. Speeds up work in just a radius of 10 blocks. It will be flying or ground

And do the same thing but with a Force projector. Crafting is almost the same, making the shield with a radius of 8 blocks.The drone will be ground or flying

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