RTS like Mindustry

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player20033 commented 8 months ago

Have you played Natural Selection 2?

Let's imagine you have command station that only could stick on core, and you get in..

Welcome Communist Empire, General! Now you could allow or not allow to use resources to your players, and command units to anywheres, and deploy your Schematic on somewhere that Builder bot will help you build it out.

Well, not really, players on your team that could vote to eject you out.

Who first get in the command station, then he are highest level commander that he could decide assistant commandant to let him get in the command station.

About units. they should has Starcraft or Warcraft 3 like command system that could move/patrol/attack/hold position/set waypoint them out.

so we could add some active skills units

Commanders has all functional on normal players except shooting, building that player mech could do. If they want build something, must deploy a Schematic or planning, to let player mechs or builder bots to complete them. of course Commander's camera could moving to anywhere without any effects.

Commander should has capability to disable his team players build capability for disable griefers.

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