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Phebus666 asked for this feature 7 months ago — 3 comments

Phebus666 commented 7 months ago

At this point my schematic menu is getting pretty cluttered even though I've only added what I consider most important. I have a bunch of schematics that i would like to add, but don't in order to keep important schematics accessible. Right now the only way to get any organization into that menu is to use the alphabetic sorting system, however updating that sorting only happens upon quitting and restarting the game client. Then there are schematics that I would never use in one gamemode (say survival) while I find them extremely valuable in another (like pvp), which is a result of the different challenges of the gamemodes. To deal with this I would like to see either a category or a tag system added to the schematics menu that allows organizing and browsing schematics by category/tag (e.g. factories, defense, power gen). Ideally categories/tags will be customizable by the player and a schematic can be assigned to multiple categories. Also there should be either a button in said menu to update the sorting, or it should automatically update sorting every time the schematics menu is opened - as opposed to when the client is started.

| joshuaptfan commented 7 months ago

  • Allow manually-defined tags to be applied to schematics

    • Add "tag" button to each schematic in schematic menu
    • "Tag" button brings up tag dialog for adding/removing tags
    • Perhaps move "upload" button into info dialog to make room
    • Add tag hotbar at top of schematic menu, under search
    • With no tag selected, all schematics are listed
    • Allow multiple tags to be selected
    • Scroll hotbar horizontally by swiping (mobile) or scrolling
    • Allow tags to be rearranged by hold-and-drag
  • Allow manual schematic sorting

    • Hold-and-drag to rearrange

| NobodyBestFriend commented 6 months ago

I came here to suggest something very similar, so I'll put my own idea here.

Basically, schematic folders. This would be easy to implement in code (just have subdirectories in the schematics folder that show up in game), and it would also allow you download and upload a folder, not just one schematic.

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