firefighting drones

Phebus666 asked for this feature 8 months ago — 8 comments

Phebus666 commented 8 months ago

This game needs the ability to fight fires in positions that cannot be reached by waves as fires that cannot be extinguished because parts of them are out of range are a pain to deal with, can destroy entire bases if a griefer messes with the power and they do not help the server load either. The best way to achieve that would probably be a new drone that has the ability to put out fires.

TheMeltdown201 commented 8 months ago

But the TAU mech can do that , isn't ?

| itskatt commented 8 months ago

1) The tau mech is a mech, not a drone. 2) The tau mech doesn't put fires out (would be nice if it could), it repairs blocks.

Ali-C-Ila commented 8 months ago

OR make a fire fighting mech?

| jaygamer81 commented 8 months ago

True, but fires arent that deadly, make them more of a risk then.

| snorlax-random commented 5 months ago

the fires are just annoying if they shut off an oil supply or decimate a incendiary-involving production, so you would likely only need a couple drones. No need for a buff to fire

Mdbgamer commented 5 months ago

jaygamer81, I have lost entire games to fires. All it takes is all your focus going into a boss fight or something, and their goes your everything.

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