New Unit *Guardian*

ninja5511 asked for this feature 8 months ago — 4 comments

ninja5511 commented 8 months ago

This unit will have roughly the same health as a titan with only a singular dagger cannon. However, this unit will have a miniature Shield Projector on its back. This projector has about roughly a 3rd of the normal shield projector building and has the same mechanics such as a arc or lancer that can pierce it. However, the radius is 5 blocks for the Guardians shield projector. This unit would be used in PVP and other such for an interesting more tactical attack. This would be used in the later waves of survival to say protect a swarm of crawlers. Also, units will be attracted to these Guardian mechs as long as they can fit inside its 5x5 radius otherwise they will ignore it and continue as usual. Units will arrange as a square within the shield and walk at the same speed as the Guardian mech. The Guardian mech will be as slow as a fortress.

| PASyther commented 8 months ago

I feel like a simple unit that has no weapon but instead has a Shield would be a better fit. Maybe also a Healing Unit that could use the same AI to just follow the nearest Unit

Quezler commented 8 months ago

Gurgth commented 6 months ago

This would be totally epic! imagine a unit could like carry a mass driver on its back and just blast items at things!

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