Remove or lower kickvote cooldown, prevent a player from building or destroying while being voted on.

l-Luna asked for this feature 8 months ago — 4 comments

l-Luna commented 8 months ago

This should help deal with griefers, especially recent griefers that abused the kick cooldown.

| Echua36 commented 8 months ago

yes nowaday griefer got new strategy for avoiding votekick by made votekick in cooldown

| famo commented 6 months ago

While the first one is debatable, the second one is just huge door to abuse. Think about it, the griefer could also call the vote on you and then you can't even fight his destruction...

| xavierISd commented 5 months ago

The problem is a big one. This would help a little. Most griefers have shown willingness to jump through extra hoops and act quickly. More would be needed to noticeably reduce the negative impact of griefing.

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