Metaglass walls

jvaler1 asked for this feature 7 months ago — 5 comments

jvaler1 commented 7 months ago

Metaglass walls that cost metaglass (and surge?). They have health similar to titanium or copper walls but boost the damage of all laser type weapons that shoot through it, hence the surge cost. Would work on lances, fuses, and meltdowns. Also would trick enemy pathfinding to think they can go through them, but they can't. They wouldn't shoot the walls until they are stopped by them and then shoot them to try and get through. If there are target-able blocks behind the glass they will still shoot them, breaking the glass.

jvaler1 commented 7 months ago

If the pathfinding abilities are too difficult or don't make sense then it can just boost laser weapons. Could also give a reason to nerf meltdowns...

Blockguy24 commented 7 months ago

I think that these walls should be pretty weak, considering they are made of glass

| Quezler commented 7 months ago

Hmm, currently (well, the meltdown atleast) shoots over the walls (due to its 2d "height"?) so i doubt it would become a thing.

| Tazshelby2016 commented 7 months ago

It could be used as a double wall; Turrets use it only to boost attack against objects at level height as the wall.

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