Barricades, floors, and more decorative options for the RCD.

MaintClown asked for this feature 14 days ago — 2 comments

MaintClown commented 14 days ago

The ability to make barricades would be fairly nice. Keep in mind, the RCD uses RCD disks. Barricade disks could be fairly rare and hard to get.

Floors wouldn't cause much harm at all. All I see them doing is creating safe paths across lava to get objectives without taking damage or teleporter shenanigans. It would also be nice to be able to have wooden floors or other decorative floors. (Maybe ALT-Clicking the disk/RCD to choose a design?)

Chairs and tables would be great to have, dear god don't let beds be an option. Keep that shit in furgerstation.

| AFatalError commented 14 days ago

sounds good, but a bed working like a really slow sleeper sounds like something that would be cool

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