Shotgun and Shotgun shell changes/additions

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AFatalError commented 13 days ago

  1. buckshot could be more realistic without ruining balance; tighter spread, no piercing damage, the "clusters" of pellets that it shoots could be treated like multiple pellets stacked on top of each other instead of acting like 1 projectile, so the flat damage reduction from armour has greater impact. it'll be even more effective against unarmoured targets with improved range but do pretty much jack-shit against the more armoured enemies.

  2. make slugs actually worth using, buff the damage to be on-par with 12.7 sniper shots in terms of raw damage as it's still a 12 gauge chunk of lead going faster than the speed of sound, but less pierce and lower accuracy because it's a chunk of lead coming out of a shotgun, not a specially shaped bullet coming out of a sniper rifle

  3. (and this ties in with my ammo loading machine suggestion) boxes of specialty slugs/projectiles to load into shells sold in vendors or even custom made. I'm talking about things like mini-HEAT/HESH rounds, armour-busting sabots, smoke grenade shells, maybe even beanbag/baton rounds. really whatever you feel like coding in, shotguns are one of the most versatile firearms when it comes to ammo.

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