Additional faction IFAKs

Stalkeros2 asked for this feature 13 days ago — 2 comments

Stalkeros2 commented 13 days ago Admin

Give other factions different IFAKs, similar to how revs' AI-3s function: pocket-sized incredibly storage efficient-yet-whitelisted "box" with meds to heal most, if not all damage types inside of it. NT's IFAK could be based off IFAK Gen. 3/AFAK, having some of the most diverse/full contents, with Syndicate receiving Salewas/any other IFAK/small medkit of your choosing, having rich yet smaller amount of meds, possibly compensated with quality of it (combat medipens instead of epipens, adv. trauma/burn kits instead of bandages, etc.). That'd increase survivability of folks, as well as giving them additional inventory space to the already near-infinite inventories.

| MaintClown commented 4 days ago

More medkits would be great.

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