Magical Firearms

ChewedPencil asked for this feature 9 days ago — 3 comments

ChewedPencil commented 9 days ago

The one thing i feel wizards seem to be missing is a more long range alternative to magical spells that will make use of their magic stats. I was thinking we could get one magic gun for each type of gun.

A revolver type that will drain your mana in 6 shots

A pistol type with 12 shots

A bolt action rifle type that has super long range and only has 4-5 shots

an assault rifle type with maybe 20 shots

A SMG type that has a high rate of fire, but lower base damage

A shotgun type that has 5 shots win a shotgun spread like a 12g etc etc...

I just feel like magical guns would be cool as heck

| MaintClown commented 4 days ago

Lesser Summon Guns, just summon a weak rifle and when you're out of ammo just chuck it away and summon a new one. Sounds like a good idea.

| Cyaneer commented 3 days ago

I don't feel like making magic into guns V2 is a smart idea. Magic itself should be reworked into a less underwhelming state, which right now is 'what flavor of short ranged pewpew do you want'. See the time rework suggestion for ideas.

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