Basic Tomes Redone

ChewedPencil asked for this feature 9 days ago — 3 comments

ChewedPencil commented 9 days ago

Fire Spray, as i see it, has two different ways it can go should it get reworked. 1) Fire Spray can be similar projectiles like it has now, but they have a MUCH tighter spray with a longer reach, like a flame thrower. It would have a lower mana cost with less damage as it would be mainly for lighting people on fire for the DoT. 2) Much like the Cult Tome, it would make a spread of fire tiles up to like 5 tiles out, with the range lowering with the lower your mana is. This would be fore area of denial or setting people on fire.

These changes to Fire Spray would make it great for unarmored opponents

Ice Spray should be turned into something like a shotgun, with it summoning a few icicles that have a low spread and long range, with it weakening the longer it flies like a normal shotgun. These icicles should have AP properties and be used for armored opponents in a close range for maximum damage.

Shock Spray, like Fire Spray, has 2 forms i think it could work with.

1) a Chain Lightning style spell that leaps to multiple targets with its damage falling off for each consecutive target hit.

2) a single, high power, bolt that can leave the target stunned for a few seconds on a small proc chance like a stun enchant. It would have a higher cooldown and mana cost.

the Plasma Tomes are nice, but they should have fire or bomb attatched to them to fit more with the theme of plasma being used as a fuel/bomb component. The normal tome could keep the spray, but the true tome should be like a fireball, but with a large aoe like a grenade.

Fireball is fineish, but it should have a small aoe to better fit in with more mainstream interpretations to it as a spell with an AoE.

| MaintClown commented 4 days ago

Sounds like good ideas.

| Cyaneer commented 3 days ago

I feel this would make times better and more diverse that they are now. Maybe shock spray could be instant one-target DoT tether that works as long as you hold down the mouse.

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